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Is it your dream to make dreams come true?

So many great ideas are abandoned because of a lack of inner and outer resources to see it through to the end.

What if you had a structure that you could work with to support your clients in making their dreams come true? 

The 7-Step Dream Builder Process is designed to help your clients access everything they need to bring their vision into reality.

Dream Builder Coach

Training Course Overview

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What you'll learn:

  • How to take clients through a step-by-step journey to building their dream

  • How to coach clients to build a business that is aligned with their purpose

  • How to help clients who want to build a business feel less overwhelmed and more in control

  • Practical tools and worksheets to bring new insights and ideas

  • The ability to coach clients to turn their side project into a reality

  • Processes to help clients break through financial inner obstacles

  • How to coach clients to know what needs to be put in place before taking the most impactful action towards their dream

  • How to help your client broaden their perception, to discover new ways of thinking about their dream, as well as untapped inner and outer resources

  • 10 InnerLifeSkills® Coaching Processes:

    • Identity

    • Vision

    • Voice

    • Relationship

    • Truth

    • Power

    • Action

    • Speaker Brainstormer

    • Money Cup

    • Rainmaker


$882 (USD)

One-on-one training

Continued access to all resources

Customizable to suit your needs

A full team of experts supporting you

ICF-accredited program


  • 9 hours of live instruction with an experienced trainer (facilitated via Zoom)

    • Sessions can be scheduled as 3 x 3 hours or 6 x 90 minutes based on your preference

  • Flexible dates and times

  • Class replay recordings

  • 20+ hours of on-demand video training content

  • 76-page PDF course textbook

  • 11 ICF hours (ACSTH + CCE)

  • Certificate recognized by the International Coaching Federation

Any Questions? Contact Us.

Skills & Processes Overview

InnerLifeSkills 7 Step Dream Builder


Step 1: Identity Become clear on the identity of the dream you are building, What is it? What could it be?


Step 2: Vision Clarify the vision, formulate a vision statement that will serve as a compass for the unfolding of your dream. What is the potential impact that this dream could have?


Step 3: Voice Get clear on the communication that needs to be in place for this dream to manifest. What needs to be said? How does it need to be said?


Step 4: Relate Explore the relationships that are important to you in bringing this dream to life. Who are you serving? Who can you turn to for advice/support? What relationships do you want to nurture and how can you do that?


Step 5: Truth Explore the values that are driving this dream, how can you strengthen those values?

Step 6: Power How can you give power to your dream? What are some of the resources you need? What is this worth?


Step 7: Action How can you take the most productive action to making this dream a reality? How can you work smarter, not harder? What systems need to be put in place?

Speaker Brainstormer Process This process will prepare you to give a presentation or talk with confidence and clarity


Money Cup Process Know that your worth, your happiness and your emotional freedom does not depend on how much money is in your cup. The attachments we have to money can often create blocks that stop us from allowing money to flow easily for us. Learn how to unhook certain emotional qualities from money, and claim true financial freedom.


Rainmaker Process Any seed that has been planted, needs rain to grow. When we learn to see money as rain for our growth, we release a lot of resistance to it. Learn how to become a “rainmaker” for your dream.

Dream Builder Coach

This course is ICF-Accredited through InnerLifeSkills® (Learn More)

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Image by Annie Spratt

"The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream... Dreams are the seedlings of realities."

James Allen

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