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Guide your clients towards claiming their power by stepping into their wholeness.

We have all been conditioned to believe that some parts of us are acceptable and others aren't. Many spend their lives wrestling with unwanted qualities, feeling disempowered and small.

Learn how to coach your clients to take back their power by claiming their wholeness. Guide your clients to become "equal to" all that they are, and move into a state of empowered self-acceptance and action.

Personal Power Coach

Personal Power Coach

Training Course Overview


What you'll learn:

  • How to guide a client to their ultimate authentic expression

  • Methods for overcoming inner obstacles stemming from a lack of self-acceptance

  • Practical tools and coaching processes to tap into and integrate a client's wholeness

  • A method for identifying and neutralizing self-judgement and limiting beliefs

  • How to help clients develop self-love and compassion for themselves and others

  • How to coach clients to overcome fears and self-sabotage

  • Methods for identify where clients may have blind spots in their journey

  • 6 InnerLife Skills® Coaching Processes:

    • Holes 2 Wholeness

    • Polarity Pendulum

    • LLL

    • Power Columns

    • Power Formula: P = R + C

    • Equal To Outcomes


$882 (USD)

One-on-one training

Continued access to all resources

Customizable to suit your needs

A full team of experts supporting you

ICF-accredited program

Any Questions? Contact Us.


  • 9 hours of live instruction with an experienced trainer (facilitated via Zoom)

    • Sessions can be scheduled as 3 x 3 hours or 6 x 90 minutes based on your preference

  • Flexible dates and times

  • Class replay recordings

  • 17+ hours of on-demand video training content

  • 56-page PDF course textbook

  • 11 ICF hours (ACSTH + CCE)

  • Certificate recognized by the International Coaching Federation

Skills & Processes Overview

Holes 2 Wholeness Process Become aware of your own judgements (of yourself and of others), and learn how to soften those judgements and integrate these qualities.

Polarity Pendulum Process What we resist persists, and what we suppress in ourselves usually just gains more power. Learn how to bring balance to qualities that you are resisting or suppressing in yourself.


LLL (Look, Listen and Love) Process Claiming our wholeness means integrating qualities in ourselves that we may have a hard time accepting.

Power Columns Process A big part of stepping into our personal power is becoming aware of (and accepting) where we do have power, and where we don’t. Learn to distinguish what you have the power to change from what you don't have the power to change.


Power Formula To empower ourselves and others, we need to be aware of what choices we have and our ability to respond to these choices.

Equal To Outcomes Process Become “equal to” different outcomes (big dreams, best-case scenarios as well as feared, worst-case scenarios), and to tap into what is untouchable within you regardless of external circumstances.

This course is ICF-Accredited through InnerLifeSkills® (Learn More)

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"There can't be any large-scale revolution until there's a personal revolution, on an individual level. It's got to happen inside first."

Jim Morrison


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