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Help your clients to understand themselves on a deeper level.

The Enneagram is a powerful tool that can help us to understand why we do the things we do. 


It's a model that shows 9 archetypes of human personality. These types are not determined by their outward behavior, but by what motivates them.


Each type has a unique path to growth. Become an Enneagram Coach and learn how to use the Enneagram to guide your clients to their highest expression and greater self-awareness.

Enneagram Coach

Training Course Overview

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$1470 (USD)

One-on-one training

Continued access to all resources

Customizable to suit your needs

A full team of experts supporting you

ICF-accredited program

What you'll learn:

  • Common uses for the Enneagram, including personal growth, deepening personal relationships, navigating career challenges and opportunities, and spiritual development.

  • How to introduce the Enneagram to someone who has never heard of it

  • How to take a client through an 8-step typing method in 90 minutes (more accurate and valuable for personal growth than online tests)

  • How to more accurately type clients by identifying their "core irritant"

  • Deep, detailed understanding of the 9 Enneagram types including:

    • primary polarities​

    • the 3 "pearls"

    • subtypes (social, sexual, self-preservation)

    • wings

    • paths of stress and growth

  • A practical coaching process to guide clients to their growth path for each Enneagram type

  • How to coach with the Enneagram in corporate and team settings

  • How to market yourself as an Enneagram coach

  • 5 InnerLifeSkills® Coaching Processes:

    • 8-Step Typing Method

    • 9 Types Worksheets

    • 9 Polarities Worksheet

    • 3 Pearls Worksheet

    • Kite Process

Any Questions? Contact Us.


  • 15 hours of live instruction with an experienced trainer (facilitated via Zoom)

    • Sessions can be scheduled as 5 x 3 hours or 10 x 90 minutes based on your preference

  • Flexible dates and times

  • Class replay recordings

  • 33+ hours of on-demand video training content

  • 84-page PDF course textbook

  • 20 ICF hours (ACSTH + CCE)

  • Certificate recognized by the International Coaching Federation


  • Online theory assessment test

  • Coaching session performance evaluation (submitted audio recording)

Enneagram Coach

Skills & Processes Overview

8-Step Typing Method A process for discovering one's Enneagram type


3 Pearls Method Move beyond behavior and discover what the deeper motivation is that drives each Enneagram Type​

Kite Process Help your clients soften the pain points of each type, and move to their highest expression (path of growth)

Practical coaching skills to help your clients grow in their Enneagram Type​

This course is ICF-Accredited through InnerLifeSkills® (Learn More)

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Image by Annie Spratt

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


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