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Empower your clients to access their intuition.

One of the most valuable gifts you can give your clients is the opportunity to connect with themselves and their own intuition. An empowered intuition gives them access to deeper insights on their coaching journey.

This training teaches you practical and reliable methods for tapping into intuition, and then shows you how to integrate them into your work as a coach.

Intuition Coach

Training Course Overview

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What you'll learn:

  • How to discern between your mind and your intuition

  • Practical tools and coaching processes to tap into and expand intuition

  • How to coach clients to access their intuition and to bring it into the coaching experience

  • How to use intuition to make decisions

  • How to use intuition in business

  • How to use intuition in relationships

  • How to use intuition to overcome obstacles

  • How to support your clients in their intuitive development

  • How to access your intuition through somatic techniques

  • 8 InnerLifeSkills® Coaching Processes:

    • ABC’s

    • Open Closed Process

    • Flow Checks Process

    • Find A Way

    • Center

    • I = Eye

    • Just Me

    • Wisdom Well


$882 (USD)

One-on-one training

Continued access to all resources

Customizable to suit your needs

A full team of experts supporting you

ICF-accredited program

Any Questions? Contact Us.


  • 9 hours of live instruction with an experienced trainer (facilitated via Zoom)

    • Sessions can be scheduled as 3 x 3 hours or 6 x 90 minutes based on your preference

  • Flexible dates and times

  • Class replay recordings

  • 18+ hours of on-demand video training content

  • 72-page PDF course textbook

  • 11 ICF hours (ACSTH + CCE)

  • Certificate recognized by the International Coaching Federation

Skills & Processes Overview

ABC's Method Learn how to place your intention and attention on your intuition

Open/Closed Method A process to help you distinguish between your surface mind and your intuition

Center Process Move from your surface mind to your deeper mind

Release resistance that may be blocking you from intuitive insight

Flow Checks Process Learn how to use your intuition to make decisions

Find A Way Process A process to help you learn how to use your intuition to find solutions


Through Others Eyes Process Use your intuition to see beyond your own perspective

I=Eye Method Explore the relationship between your identity and your perception, and how to open your perception to see more

Just Me Process Release what doesn’t belong to you and come back to your true self

Wisdom Well Method How to self-coach using your intuition

How to coach clients to access and strengthen their own intuition using all of these skills and processes

This course is ICF-Accredited through InnerLifeSkills® (Learn More)

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Image by Annie Spratt

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant."

Albert Einstein

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