Help clients break free from family baggage.

Our unconscious beliefs about the world have a massive impact on our ability to live a life of true freedom. We all carry hidden patterns and perceptions that have been inherited from our family system.

Systemic Family Coaching is a powerful form of coaching that frees your clients from unconscious imprints and inherited family patterns. Learn how to help your clients identify and release burdens that are not theirs to carry, so that they can consciously direct the course of their own lives.

Systemic Family Coach

Training Course Overview

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$1115 (USD)

One-on-one training

Continued access to all resources

Customizable to suit your needs

A full team of experts supporting you

ICF-accredited program

What you'll learn:

  • 4 Step Systemic Coaching method

  • How to help clients claim their full sense of belonging, take their rightful place, hand back family baggage and open to the gifts of life

  • How to help clients free themselves from known and unknown systemic burdens

  • Practical tools and processes to help your clients on the journey, inspired by the work of Bert Hellinger and Rupert Sheldrake

  • Quantum theory around interconnectedness and entanglement

  • How to coach systemic cohesion in families, teams, and couples

  • How to explore and heal issues around control that come up within every system

  • How to coach your clients around belonging, placement, burdens and gifts within their system

  • How to free your clients to their highest expression

  • 5 InnerLifeSkills® Coaching Processes

    • Full 4-Step Guided Systemic Process

    • Belonging

    • Placement

    • Burdens

    • Gifts


  • 9 hours of live instruction with an experienced trainer (facilitated via Zoom)

    • Sessions can be scheduled as 3 x 3 hours or 6 x 90 minutes based on your preference

  • Flexible dates and times

  • Class replay recordings

  • 11+ hours of on-demand video training content

  • Guided meditation audios

  • 60-page PDF course textbook

  • 11 ICF hours (ACSTH + CCE)

  • Certificate recognized by the International Coaching Federation

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This course is ICF-Accredited through InnerLifeSkills® (Learn More)

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"Thus one is led to a new notion of unbroken wholeness, which denies the classical idea of analyzability of the world into separately and independently existing parts."

David Bohm