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Unsure of what coaching path will fulfill and suit you best? After finishing this quiz we’ll send you a custom coaching path plan. This will help guide you to the next steps towards your authentic coaching career.

Looking for a specific specialty?


Enneagram Coaching

Help people learn about personality patterns to better understand themselves and others.

Relationship Coaching

Do you want to help people build deeper connections and fulfilling relationships?


Life Coach

Fulfill your dream of guiding others towards their inner wisdom and strength. 


Let's help you build your coaching career

Certifying as a coach is only the beginning. We offer a post-qualification Coach Business Building journey. Get clients, build your business and push the boundaries of what it means to be a coach.

Master Coach Trainer

Sophia Grobler

Founder of Say Coach

Chat to a Master Coach

45 minute consultation

Customized Coaching Plan

Course Timetable

Clarity, direction and guidance

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“I looked long and hard for the right person to train me in Enneagram coaching. My trainer’s professionalism, warmth, amazing knowledge base and best practice resourcing exceeded any expectations I had for a trainer. I looked forward to each one on one session and felt better equipped each time for coaching my own clients. My practice is beginning to take off and I have my training to thank for that!

Gary Shockley

Certified Enneagram Coach, Spiritual Director, Author, Artist

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a price for every pocket

Start your professional coaching journey no matter how big or small or willing your wallet is.

affodable customized coach training


Learn the basic principles of structured coaching.

These standards are set by the International Coach Federation and InnerLifeSkills.

This coach path is best suited for natural coaches who are just starting out and want to test if a coaching career fits their passions, goals and purpose.


Build your authentic coaching business.

Learning how to coach is step one. Certifying as a credible coach is next. Building a successful coaching career is the final and arguably the most important step in your journey.

This is for coaches who are ready to tackle their market. You will get one-on-one attention as we guide you on how to attract clients, sell to them and retain them.


Personalized coaching specialties.

Discover the depths of your unique coaching niche. Whether you have a specific one in mind or would like help creating your own, we’ve got you covered.

This coaching certification path is best for people who have decided to commit to becoming a coach and would like to certify, expand and upskill their coaching toolbox.


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